Sea's The Day

You crave a love as deep as the sea, so why not get married there? Here are two of our favorite ‘on the water’ venues that allow you to exchange vows while watching the sun dip into the ocean and lose yourself in the waves and blue water.

Valiant | Boston, Massachusetts

Commonly referred to as ‘Titletown’ or ‘Beantown,’ Boston is known for great food, outstanding athletics, and a great city atmosphere that still somehow makes you feel right at home.  

Picture being on the gorgeous Charles River, in an elegant 97’ yacht. Now, picture being on the yacht with a traditional salon style full bar, and a large canopy deck with all of your closest family and friends on your wedding day. Doesn’t get much better than that. The Valiant offers plenty of space for guests and amazing views of the Boston skyline at every angle.

The Valiant yacht is one of the most luxurious vessels in all of Boston. Each cruise is is expertly crafted so that it may reflect whatever requests the wedding party may desire, ensuring that your big day is crafted exactly to how you like.

Hornblower Cruises & Events | Marina Del Rey, California

As if you needed another reason to visit California— its as if everything is better there. The water is warmer and bluer, everyone has a sun kissed glow, and who doesn't love palm trees?

Hornblower Cruises & Events offers not one, not two but over ten different wedding options. Each offering unique options catered to each couple. To name a few, the ‘Champagne Brunch Wedding Package’ includes a delicious brunch, free-flowing and endless champagne and elegant views. The ‘Diamond Wedding Package’ includes candlelight ambiance and seascape florals.

The variety that Hornblower Cruises & Events offers will leave any couple wishing they could get married over and over again. The views alone are enough to keep you wanting to never leave, but the incredible service and endless options are what will make you happy you chose to have your wedding at sea with Hornblower Cruises & Events.

Save the Date, Save the Ticket.

Destination wedding without the destination-wedding price? We’ve been there. Luckily, sometimes there can be pieces of different cultures found right around the corner. Allow yourself to embark on that ‘destination-wedding’ without spending all of your euros or yen.

Villa Siena | Gilbert, Arizona


Located southeast of Phoenix, Gilbert, Arizona is a flourishing and beautiful town. Once ranked by CNN’s Money Magazine as one of the best places to live in the United States, Gilbert boasts beauty and a growing community.

Villa Siena is truly defined by its unparalleled architectural design and European flare. Not only is the architecture hand carved and European inspired, but everything from the vibrant red-sacked roof to the golden toned stone, which was quarried in Colorado, gives Villa Siena the classic warm and relaxing hues that make us feel like we are sitting in a Tuscan Villa, sipping a fine wine.

Villa Siena’s gothic and renaissance style are truly emphasized by the intricate detail in each room and the live gas flame lanterns that set a romantic ambiance. The Chianciano Banquet Hall within Villa Siena is quite possibly our favorite room in Villa Siena. Perfect for a large or small wedding, this room truly epitomizes Italian essence. A handcrafted bar, barrel vaulted ceiling, hand scraped mahogany floors, antique lighting— this space captures the elegance of an Italian wedding.

Redland Koi Gardens | Homestead, Florida

Redland Koi

North of Miami and also home to one of our favorite ‘green’ venues, Homestead, Florida is a wonderful location to get hitched. 

Picturesque oaks aside, Redland Koi Gardens true allure is that they have plant specimens from all over. And, of course, they also own some of the finest examples of Koi in the world. The fruit at Redland Koi Gardens and trees from Thailand produced a shady, serene and tranquil canopy, giving the illusion of being in a Thai forest. In contrast, the rare Koi ponds give the feeling of being in Japan.

This scenic outdoor venue has 2.5 acres of lush green land will put you at ease. All the while the Japanese inspired gardens that are constantly evolving will give you peace of mind, perfect for your wedding day.

Nerai | New York, New York

Nerai NYC

Home of Yankee Stadium, the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, need we go on, New York City has too many iconic sites to count.

Nerai believes that Greek hospitality is an ancient history that links friendship, food and drinks. Their whitewashed walls that are draped with a wafting white canopy and Mediterranean blue accents, truly gives the essence of dining in the beautiful, Mykonos.

One of Greece’s most beloved traditions is its seafood and Nerai is no exception to this tradition. Each and every single day, fresh seafood is flown from all over the world to give each customer the taste of fresh Greek seafood. The nautical feel and fresh, live seafood truly allows each customer to escape to Greece, only if for a meal.

Why Organic? Go Green.

So, it’s time to pick a wedding venue, and you’re beginning to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. We literally mean the weight of the world, because being eco-friendly is very important to you. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple to plan a sustainable, affordable wedding, so we’ve highlighted two of our favorite eco-conscious wedding venues to make your life a little easier.

The Plant Cafe Organic | San Francisco, California

<The Plant Cafe><h1>

Located on San Francisco's Embarcadero, just minutes away from the Ferry Building, The Plant Café offers both open and covered outdoor seating along the beautiful waterfront.

The Plant Café is a full service casual-meets-upscale restaurant that boasts delicious and fresh sustainable food, everything from fruits and vegetables to scrumptious seafood. The Plant Café pulls ingredients and flavors from local farmers markets, truly prioritizing sustainable and organic foods. The Plant Café takes full advantage of the seasonal produce that Northern California has to offer and handpicks its produce from local organic farms.

Not only does The Plant Café have organic and healthy food, but it’s also powered by rooftop solar power that draws energy from the sun. The Plant Café is supported by several organizations that emphasize health and conservation such as TapIt Water, Friends of the Urban Forest and Slow Food USA just to name a few. The Plant Café’s priority on sustainable living and healthy organic produce is why it is one of our favorite green venues.

Paradise Farms Organic | Homestead, Florida


Nestled between Biscayne National Park on the east and Everglades National Park to the west, Homestead, Florida, is a vibrant and flourishing suburban area, just a mere thirty miles north of bustling Miami.

Respecting the principles of the ancient art feng shui, the layout of Paradise Farms Organic is centered on a circle of beds and a gazebo that was designed in collaboration with local artists and architects. Paradise Farms Organic firmly believes in incorporating Biodynamic principles, which encourages a cherished relationship with the land based on the energies of the earth, sun, moon, and cosmos. The farm has simple ingredients in their food: ‘natural organic matter, love and care.’ Sounds healthy to us.

Paradise Farms Organic has an open-air gazebo, reception area and botanical garden making for a gorgeous outdoor venue. The farm offers fresh and local, Paradise Farms-based menu, ensuring that the food and produce always reflects the tastes of the changing seasons.

4 Things to Consider When Looking for a Wedding Venue


This is a guest post from Jasmine Smith of 'Just For the Day,' a day of wedding coordinating service that is perfect for the DIY couple. 

Congratulations! You’re engaged and everyone is asking you the same questions: when and where is the wedding? These are important questions and we want to make sure that when you have the answers, you’ve thought through the following considerations:


Set your budget before you start venue shopping. Your budget is going to drive many of your wedding planning decisions including the type of venue to consider for your wedding and reception. Once you’ve crunched the numbers (and have your wedding theme and vision) create a venue wish list with no more than 6 venues. Include 2-3 things you like most about each venue and the price.  Review the list and eliminate the venues that don’t fall within budget. This will save you time and will be helpful come decision time.  


No matter the size of your wedding, you want a venue that can accommodate your planned guest count and any wedding “activities” like dancing or special performances.  You should also consider the type of reception you want – formal sit down, buffet, or something less formal and more social like high-boys with some scattered seating. Each type will have different spacing needs. For the wedding ceremony, make sure the space can accommodate seating, the bridal party, and a place for the officiant and/or anyone else who will have a role in the ceremony to stand.


When inquiring about venues, ask about any special rules and availability. Some venues may not allow you to hang or pin décor or have real candles. Many will only allow vendors on their approved. Regarding availability, find out how much time they allow pre and post wedding. Your vendors will need plenty of time to set-up and breakdown before and after the wedding. When speaking with churches, ask them about loose flowers and flash photography - these are details your florist and photographer will want to know.  


You love the space, the view is amazing, and the fixtures go perfect with your theme but, is the venue easy to get to? Is their ample parking? How about sound? If the wedding is outdoors is there an on-site backup location? Yes, the wedding day is all about the couple but it is also important to consider guests and their experience. Guest should be comfortable while basking in the special moments of your day.


Spring Into Our Favorite Garden Venues


Spring has sprung and we’re excited about wedding season. Outdoor wedding season, more specifically. Finally the snow has melted and lush green grass has blanketed the ground. What better way to appreciate this change of scenery than celebrating your love beside it? So, we're happy to share some of our favorite garden wedding venues so you can get up, get outside, and get hitched.

Chicago Botanic Garden | Chicago, Illinois


Located in the heart of Glencoe, Illinois, lies the Chicago Botanic Garden. This venue is famous for its enchanting gardens and peaceful lakes, which create the perfect backdrop for any wedding. As May rounds the corner, the Chicago Botanic Garden has begun its wedding season, which will run up until October. Their garden typically reaches its peak within the months of July or September. July is recommended due to the flourishing of their garden, which during this month, would be in full bloom. Fast forward to September and you can still enjoy the beauty of a full garden with a bit of fall foliage beginning to peek through.

Besides their picturesque landscape, what really makes this venue a catch is their booking and catering options. The Chicago Botanic Garden is ideal for parties between 150 to 350 guests and offers a great variety of catering packages. Each package offers different appetizer, entree, bar service, seating, and linen options to best accommodate your wishes. These catering options are provided by Culinary Landscape, a culinary team that works closely with the head chef and the happy couple to design the perfect dining experience.  A truly exciting feature is that this venue only hosts one wedding a day, so that their clients have 100 percent of their attention. Culinary Landscape crafts all of their food onsite, and should their be any leftovers, everything is composted. This compost is further broken down to later be used as fertilizer, a process resulting in the beauty of their gardens.

The Chicago Botanic Garden also grows their own produce, root vegetables, honey, and more within their satellite organic Windy City farms. With these farm fresh options and ideal location near downtown Chicago, how could you resist this truly green wedding venue?

Visit the Hitch for Chicago Botanic Garden wedding costs, availability, and capacity.

Southern House & Garden | Knoxville, Alabama


Think charming Southern comfort, a rustic barn, and inviting porches all located beside rolling pastures decorated with stunning horses, and you’ve got Southern House & Garden. This venue is located in the heart of Knoxville, Alabama, and is known for it’s outdoor ceremony options. Their landscape's peak season is between the months of April and August, but the beautiful weddings are hosted at the Southern House & Garden year-round. Their outdoor ceremony options include three different locations: the Oak Tree, the Gazebo and the Arbor. The Oak Tree is their most intimate setting. If chosen as your wedding location, the Oak Tree will be decorated in chandeliers and Iron Sconces filled with greenery and flowers, creating a serene outdoor setting. The Gazebo, draped in grapevine and fresh flowers, has a very classic look.

But their most prized location is their breathtaking Arbor. Here, the bride walks through four different arbors. Upon reaching the last arbor, the bride is surrounded by lush greens, hanging chandeliers, and flower petals blanketing the ground. This area also includes an intimate lounge area so guests can sit back and enjoy the beauty of the outdoor ceremony.

This venue comfortably hosts up to 300 guests. They are also an all-inclusive wedding venue, perfect for couples who are looking for a stress free wedding day. The Southern House & Garden will handle everything from setup to cleanup, the linens and tables, catering and pastries, flowers, and more. This venue really emphasizes the value of your wedding day and with their outdoor ceremony and all inclusive booking options, we recommend saying “I do” to the Southern House & Garden.

Visit the Hitch for Southern House & Garden wedding costs, availability, and capacity.

Oregon Garden Resort | Silverton, Oregon

Nestled beside the breathtaking 80-acre Oregon Garden and a series of rustic cottages, you will find complete peace at Oregon Garden Resort. While the garden is most definitely a stunning site year round, the Garden’s peak season, when every last flower is fully blooming with vibrant colors and smells, is May through September. But don’t let the spring and summer seasons lead to believe the fall and winter are any less beautiful. In the fall, the leaves become a crisp orange that will make you want to ditch your wedding dress and play in the leaves. Winter is even more awe worthy with the Garden’s beautiful great light display. This Garden venue will leave you breathless all year round.

Allow yourself to drink in the picturesque Oregon Garden’s without every having to leave the resort. With indoor and outdoor venues that hold up to 400 guests, the Garden has a reputation for being all-inclusive. With boundless views of gorgeously manicured gardens, live music, a white gazebo, open-air pavilion, refurbished barn and a ballroom, this venue has it all.

Visit the Hitch for Oregon Garden Resort wedding costs, availability, and capacity.

Lan Su Chinese Garden | Portland, Oregon


In the heart of Portland, Oregon lies one of our most unique garden venues. Lan Su Chinese Garden is perfect for couples that want a truly one-of-a-kind wedding. Known for its traditional and extremely elegant Chinese gardens, Lan Su is at its peak of beauty July through September. But it remains picturesque throughout the entire year with its exquisite Chinese pavilions and lush gardens.

A “green” venue is embodied here because, thanks to their bridged lakes, koi fish ponds, and waterfalls, there is essentially no need for additional décor which minimizes costs and helps concern energy valued by Portlanders. In addition to being “green” and completely unique, Lan Su Garden, the VT Group that manages the event rentals in the garden were the 2014  Catersource Recipient of “Achievement in Catering Excellence, Western Region" award.

Their staff will help you comfortably accommodate 300 guests for your wedding, proposal, rehearsal dinners or receptions. Chinese beauty is fully embodied at Lan Su Chinese Garden and its breathtaking gardens will leave you in awe throughout the entire event.

Visit the Hitch for Lan Su Chinese Garden wedding costs, availability, and capacity.

The McGill Rose Garden | Charlotte, North Carolina


With over 1,000 roses plants and herbs it is only suiting that The McGill Rose Garden be on our list of favorite garden venues. Know for its historic rose garden and on site floral design boutique close to uptown Charlotte, this venue is a living work of art, their garden links First Ward’s Garden District and NoDa, North Davidson’s Historic Arts District. Not only does the garden, known for its roses of course, create a beautiful backdrop for any wedding, the story behind the garden creates an ever more beautiful storyline. In 1950, Henry McGill purchased land that was home to a coal yard; his wife, wanting to beautify the area, planted two rose bushes that would eventually lead to expansive rose beds throughout the entire block of land.

As you could have guessed, the most renown feature that this venue is known for is the roses. With the garden’s peak season being May-October, it perfectly aligns with what we hold near and dear to our hearts: wedding season. In addition to the many-colored roses that this garden holds, this venues also comes with spectacular water fountains, statues, benches and a rose-covered arbor, all perfect for not only your special day but the events leading up to it, bridal parties, luncheons and engagement photos. With a wedding package that includes an onsite floral designer and use of the art & garden shop, your special day will be nothing short of what you have always dreamed of.

Visit the Hitch for The McGill Rose Garden wedding costs, availability, and capacity.

Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum | Austin, Texas


Serene gardens, natural landscapes, and romantic sculptures are only just a few of our favorite things about the next venue on our list, Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum. Located in Austin, Texas, Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum represents the quintessential southern charm that draws couples from all over the country there for their big day. Stunning art is casually set in the garden of native Texas plants whose shade creates a natural oasis that is nestled right near Barton Springs, while also being so close to the heart of the capital city.

In the late 1930s and 1940s, the garden originally contained small ponds that were used by soldiers to to practice fly casting. Flash forward four decades to 1991 and a garden that had been forgotten was transformed into a sculpture garden containing dozens of bronze and stone pieces given to the city of Austin by the acclaimed 20th century American sculptor, Charles Umlauf.

This beautiful mix of art and nature creates the perfect, scenic backdrop for most picturesque wedding. Whether you desire casual or elegance, this space is suited for both. With the exclusive use the terrace, arbor and garden, along with on site security and event staff, you will be at ease and stress free on your special day. Special to brides, the Museum graciously waives their photography fee for a bridal photoshoot. Special to Umlauf, they are one of the few museum gardens that allow their guests to gently touch the sculptures, allowing your guests to experience the textures that the museum’s namesake ingrained in all of his sculptural works.

Visit the Hitch for Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum wedding costs, availability, and capacity.